Advantages of Using QR Codes for your Company

The development of e-commerce has changed the habits of consumers and sellers. From now on, it is possible to order a product online and receive it at home without having to travel. Nevertheless, e-commerce is not spared from cyberattacks. To ensure the security of purchases and payments, QR codes are now increasingly used. It is perhaps in this context that you discovered what a QR code is.

First of all, know that this code is not the prerogative of e-merchants. Companies from different fields of activity use it. The same is true of the public authorities, which have set up a QR code as part of the vaccination against covid-19. The applications linked to this code are therefore very numerous. Does the operation of the QR code intrigue you? Would you like to know how to use the QR code for the benefit of your business? How to make a QR code?  This comprehensive QR code guide should help you get all the answers you need!

What is a QR code?

There is a resemblance between a QR code and a barcode because a QR code is actually an enhanced version of the barcode. Its full name is “Quick Response code”. The speed of access to information is indeed what characterizes the QR code. Using an Android smartphone, iPhone, or tablet, you can scan it and access the online content it links to.

How does a QR code work and be used?


The QR code may seem quite complex to understand for people who know nothing about its codification. In reality, a QR code is composed of an element that generates the code and another that contains the code and that the user must scan. QR code patterns are binary. To decrypt them and access the stored information, it is necessary to use a smartphone, a tablet, or a suitable reader.

The mobile phone's camera or the reader manages to recognize a standard QR code through the element that generates the code (the 3 squares). Then, the QR code reader scans the code by breaking it down into a grid made up of several small squares. It then assigns a value to each square based on its color (black or white).

If you want to share information with customers, workers, or partners of your company, you must create a two-dimensional code. For this purpose, you will have to use a QR code generator. It is an application or platform that allows you to create QR codes to store various information. You can use such a tool to create QR codes for an e-commerce or any other business, and even to generate badges.

To use a QR code, you must use a smartphone or a digital tablet as well as an application. There are also specific readers designed to read QR codes. The app or reader scans the code and processes it. To discover the information stored in a QR code, start by pointing the camera of the phone or mobile device at the QR code. Then scan or take a picture of the code. The app will automatically process the code and run it. Thus, you will have access to the content of the QR code.

Nevertheless, while it is true that QR codes are generally reliable, it is also known that they are sometimes created for malicious purposes. There are also QR codes that could lead you to dangerous sites for your personal data. You can still avoid the risk of ending up on such a site. Whenever you want to use a QR code, pay attention to the content revealed by the application before executing the function. Only click on URLs that start with HTTPS  and not HTTP. The HTTPS protocol is a guarantee of trust for a website. Also, if the displayed content looks unprofessional, close the window immediately.



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