Constructing an Essay: Introduction, Body, Conclusion

An essay is writing that a person (the author) will carry out in relation to an issue or idea in order to present their own point of view.

In order to be able to carry out this essay, the author, writer, or the Expert Writing Online must previously carry out an investigation in order to later be able to support the opinions described in it.

For the most part, an essay is a relatively short text in which a topic is first exposed, then analyzed, and finally, a comment is made in relation to what is addressed.

It should be clarified that an essay does not deal with issues in depth or dive into so many unnecessary topics since its length does not allow it.

The function of an essay

The function or purpose of an essay is to introduce a topic (which can be scientific, literary, argumentative, academic, etc.) and then provide certain information to which the author has arrived personally based on what was investigated and studied prior to testing.

In other words, the essay serves to give the point of view regarding a specific topic, taking into account that the author's knowledge is valid and recognized within the field in which it is being carried out.

Characteristics of an essay

In order to recognize or differentiate a good essay, it must contain the following characteristics:

  1. Flexible type text. This means that it can address a wide variety of genres: literary, academic, philosophical, etc.
  2. Since it does not have much length (about 3 or 4 letter-size pages), it should not address many topics, but rather be limited in relation to the topic to be addressed.
  3. It should be written with a double line spacing (double space). Additionally, each page should contain 2 or 3 paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should not exceed 7 lines.
  4. Repetitions and very long lines (sentences) should be avoided.
  5. The author of the essay must have certain prior knowledge of what he is exposing.
  6. It is the author who gives opinions regarding the previous research that has been carried out but can also add corroborated research in relation to the exposed topic that can contribute data to the essay.
  7. At the end of it, it can conclude with a certain position taken, but it can also arrive at a hypothesis. It can also be an essay with controversial characteristics, use an ironic tone or simply report on some hypothesis in relation to the subject matter.


Why you should know the most about the topic 

You can never achieve a good quality idea in your essay without knowing the basic info of the topic and choosing the right subtopics for it. If you, for example, search for Human Resource Assignment Help and need for someone to help you, they'll always have a lot of knowledge about the topic and will always be willing to search for more. 

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