Inhalation Drug Delivery Expertise: Aptar Pharma's Role in Respiratory Health

Inhaler devices is a crucial aspect of modern medicine, particularly in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Aptar Pharma, a leader in this field, offers comprehensive solutions from early-stage development to final product release, ensuring efficacy and safety in inhalation therapies. This article delves into Aptar Pharma's extensive range of inhalation devices, regulatory support, and innovative technologies that have revolutionized the OINDP (Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Product) landscape.

The Importance of Inhalation Drug Delivery

Inhalation drug delivery offers direct administration of medication to the respiratory system, providing fast and efficient treatment for respiratory conditions. The benefits include:

  1. Rapid Onset of Action: Inhaled drugs are absorbed quickly through the lungs, offering immediate relief.
  2. Targeted Therapy: Direct delivery to the lungs minimizes systemic side effects.
  3. Ease of Use: Modern inhalers are user-friendly, promoting better patient adherence.

Advanced Inhalation Devices by Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma's inhalation devices cater to various therapeutic needs, ensuring reliable and effective drug delivery. The company's product portfolio includes:

Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs)

pMDIs are a staple in inhalation therapy, known for their precise dosing and ease of use. Aptar Pharma's DF30 metering valve platform is a cornerstone in this category, offering consistent dose delivery for asthma and COPD treatments. The DF30 has been integrated into numerous commercially significant products, proving its reliability over the years.

Breath Actuated Inhalers (BAIs)

BAIs are designed to release medication automatically upon inhalation, reducing the coordination required between actuation and inhalation. This makes BAIs particularly beneficial for patients with difficulty using traditional inhalers.

Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)

DPIs are another vital category, delivering powdered medication directly to the lungs. Aptar Pharma's Prohaler® System is a prime example, offering pre-metered multi-dose delivery, crucial for chronic conditions requiring regular dosing. The Orbital™ DPI, a recent innovation, delivers high payload powder formulations efficiently, enhancing treatment efficacy.

Nebulizer-Like Devices

The PureHale® system represents a breakthrough in nebulizer technology. This ready-to-use device delivers a fine mist of saline or natural ingredient formulations, providing symptomatic relief through the upper respiratory system. It combines the benefits of nebulization with the convenience of portable inhalers.

Comprehensive Support Services

Aptar Pharma goes beyond providing devices; they offer extensive support services to ensure the success of inhalation therapies.

Training and Education

Proper inhaler technique is critical for effective treatment. Aptar Pharma provides training devices and educational materials for both patients and healthcare professionals. These tools help users practice and perfect their inhalation technique, boosting confidence and adherence.

Regulatory Support

Navigating regulatory requirements is a complex but essential aspect of bringing inhalation products to market. Aptar Pharma's regulatory support teams offer:

  1. Extensive Data and Documentation: Leveraging years of experience, Aptar Pharma provides robust data packages to support regulatory submissions.
  2. Specialist Technical Support: Expert guidance from OINDP drug delivery scientists ensures compliance with regulatory standards and addresses technical challenges.
  3. Sustainable Solutions: Aptar Pharma is at the forefront of developing eco-friendly inhalers, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Innovating for the Future

Aptar Pharma's commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous development of advanced inhalation technologies. Key innovations include:

Sustainable pMDIs

The development of sustainable pressurized metered dose inhalers is a priority for Aptar Pharma. By improving the environmental impact of these devices, the company is contributing to global efforts to reduce carbon footprints while maintaining therapeutic efficacy.

Orbital™ DPI

The Orbital™ dry powder inhaler is a game-changer in high payload powder drug delivery. Its adaptable design and efficient delivery mechanism make it a valuable addition to Aptar Pharma's product lineup, addressing unmet needs in respiratory treatment.

PureHale® System

The first-in-class PureHale® system is a novel approach to inhalation therapy, offering a user-friendly, nebulizer-like experience. This innovation underscores Aptar Pharma's dedication to enhancing patient care through technological advancements.

Partnering for Success

Aptar Pharma's end-to-end support for inhalation drug delivery extends to partnering with innovator companies. Their collaborative approach ensures that new products are brought to market swiftly and successfully. Key benefits of partnering with Aptar Pharma include:

  1. Expertise in Inhalation Technology: Aptar Pharma's extensive knowledge and experience in inhalation drug delivery make them an invaluable partner.
  2. Comprehensive Services: From formulation development to regulatory support, Aptar Pharma offers a full spectrum of services.
  3. Innovation and Sustainability: Aptar Pharma's commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


Inhalation drug delivery is a critical component of respiratory therapy, offering targeted and efficient treatment for conditions like asthma and COPD. Aptar Pharma stands out as a leader in this field, providing advanced inhalation devices and comprehensive support services. Their innovative technologies, such as the DF30 metering valve platform, Orbital™ DPI, and PureHale® system, set new standards in inhalation therapy. By partnering with Aptar Pharma, companies can leverage their expertise and resources to successfully develop and commercialize inhalation drug products.

Aptar Pharma's dedication to patient care, regulatory compliance, and sustainability ensures that they remain at the forefront of inhalation drug delivery, continually improving the lives of patients worldwide. 

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