Download with Confidence: License Confirmation for Every Melody Loop

In the dynamic world of content creation, finding the perfect background music is essential to enhance the impact of your videos, games, presentations, phone on hold, and podcasts. offers a seamless experience for creators, providing a diverse selection of royalty-free music to elevate your projects to new heights.

Discover a World of Melodies

Multi-Use Licensing

At Melody Loops, the process is simple and user-friendly. Easily find the perfect melody for your project and obtain a multi-use license, granting you the flexibility to use the music across various creative endeavors.

Varied Selection

Enjoy a superb selection of melodies available as loops and with endings, catering to the unique requirements of your and your clients' projects. Whether you're working on a video, game, presentation, or podcast, Melody Loops has the right musical backdrop for you.

Free Melody Loops Music

Creative Freedom

Explore and experiment with our free Melody Loops music, specially curated for your creative projects. Whether it's videos, presentations, podcasts, slideshows, or any other endeavor, our free music allows you to infuse creativity into your work without breaking the bank.

Transformative Effects

Witness the transformative effect our melodies can have on your projects. With a diverse range of musical offerings, Melody Loops empowers you to evoke the desired emotions and atmosphere in your content.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Longoloops Tool

Tailor the music to your specifications using the Longoloops tool. Create melodies of any desired length and download a preview version before making a purchase. This feature ensures that you get the perfect soundtrack that aligns seamlessly with your project's rhythm.

Tags and Categories

Streamlined Navigation

Melody Loops simplifies your search by employing accurate categorization. Our musical editors meticulously place each piece into the proper category and playlist, making it elementary for you to find the exact music that suits your needs.

Music in WAV/MP3/AIF

Easy Download Process

Navigate effortlessly through our selections and mix them with related tags to discover the ideal musical accompaniment. Once you've found your desired tracks, add them to your Favorites, obtain the necessary license, and download high-quality MP3, WAV, and AIF files for immediate use.

Legal Music for Your Peace of Mind

Direct License Acquisition

At Melody Loops, legality is paramount. Obtain the license directly from the author, and receive confirmation, providing you with the peace of mind that you have the rightful permission to use the music in your projects.


Melody Loops is not just a source for royalty-free music; it's a creative hub for artists and content creators. Elevate your projects, captivate your audience, and add an unforgettable sonic dimension to your work with Melody Loops' extensive collection of royalty-free music. Embrace the transformative power of melodies and make your creative vision a reality.

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